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1. How can I Make Money With Automatic Mobile Cash?
You absolutely must buy network packages if you wish to create $300 per day in real passive income...we offer Network Packages for as little as $25 to get started, once you have a network package, you'll receive totally passive income from our unique mobile app distribution network. Everytime an app that we develop or one of our partner's develops, you'll receive a payment from each sale. We currently sell thousands of mobile applications each and every day so this will add up very fast!

2. Can I get Paid for Referring others?
Absolutely! You'll get paid 10% on the 1st level of referrals and 5% on the 2nd level of referrals and another 5% for the 3rd level of referrals. It's so easy to get a few people in your downline and have them creating you an additional passive income!

​Each time one of your referrals makes a purchase, you receive commission! No matter what, even if it's 30 days later....you always receive a commission!

3.How can I pay for network packages?
We accept Payza, SolidTrustPay, Perfect Money, and Payeer payments.

4. How do I get paid?
You can request a withdrawal at anytime as long as you have the minimum of $10 account balance. Once you reach minimum payout, please visit the Withdrawal section of your website. You can withdraw your account balance into Payza, SolidTrustPay, Perfect Money, and Payeer. Withdrawals take upto 24 hours to be processed.

IMPORTANT You can only withdraw to Perfect Money and Payeer if you purchased network packages with those Payment Processors.

5. I paid for Network Packages but they're not activated yet. Why?
Sometimes your Purchase will be held for upto 24 hours so that we may verify that the transaction was made by you and not made by fraud.

6. Why is my referral not in my downline? Can you change this?
No. We cannot change downlines. We've tested our referral system over and over again to ensure that you receive credit for your referral. It is working 100%. We cannot change your downline for you. It is your responsibility to inform your potential referrals to make sure that they sign up using your referral link. On both the main page and the front page, your referral will be able to see who their sponsor will be upon signup.

7. Can I Receive Referral Commissions Even If I Do Not Purchase a Network Package?
Yes, you DO NOT need to purchase Network Packages to receive referral commissions.

8. Can I Reinvest My Earnings?
Reinvesting can be done by visiting the Get Network Packages page and scrolling down to the very bottom of the page. There will be a form there for you to use to reinvest.

This will only show if you have a unpaid balance of 25.01 or more :)

9. Do Network Packages Expire or Is There Any Limits As To How Much I Can Earn?
Absolutely not! Your network package does not expire nor is there any limits on how much you can earn.

10. Where can I find more information about the app's that you develop and sell for us?
Due to the competitive nature of App Development, we cannot disclose this information. Not only this, whenever we develop a new mobile application or other Software Application, we sign a Non Disclosure Agreement as well as a Confidentiality agreement to prevent any further competition and to satisfy our many clients needs for privacy.

We've been developing mobile applications for over 7 years now and we've managed to design a successful formula for the creation and marketing of application that guarantee's success.

We are inviting you to share in these profits by making this opportunity as simple as possible so that anyone can signup with us and cash in on this mobile marketing craze! We handle all of the behind the scenes gruntwork and risk taking involved so that you do not have to!

11.How Long Have You Been In Business For?
We've been developing mobile applications since 2008. This opportunity for the public to cash in on our mobile application development formula has been open since January 13, 2015.

12. I Have Network Packages In My Account.....How Does The Network Package Payout System Work In More Detail
Earnings are never the same each day, they are a variable based on the daily sales of app's that we do. App sales can vary from one day to the next. So one day, you may earn $10 dollars from one day from one package but the next, you earn $3 Dollars from the same package etc and so forth.

Think of your network packages as individual nets, the more nets you have, the more cash you can catch as each network package give you a bigger share of the app sales and as we expand our portfolio of mobile applications, you'll see more and more profits from them.

There is NEVER a guaranteed specific percentage of return or a specific time that you'll earn X amount of dollars. We cannot guarantee specific amounts as this is against the law and truth be told - not possible to guarantee returns. You'll never see a legitimate opportunity that lasts forever guarantee a percent of return or time frame for that specific return.

Network Packages NEVER EXPIRE. This means that you'll be earning profit off of them for a lifetime. We take the money from your initial Network Package purchase and invest it into new development of applications and we take the profit from the sales of the apps and roll it over for you behind the scenes so that your Network Package is constantly being used to make you a profit :)

13. My Network Package seems to have stopped earning at $80. Why?

​When your Network Package reaches $80 in total return, we set a 30 day cooling period on this network packages which means no profit will be paid to this network package until 30 days has been up. Once the 30 days has passed, you will start receiving profit on this again. The 30 days will start the day your network package reached $80 in return.

14. My Referral Link keeps redirecting to someone else or my sponsor? Why is this?

Recently, we made a change to how sponsoring works to make your referral links much more sticky...

This means that whatever link that you originally clicked to get here, this will be your sponsor no matter what. Even after you've signed up, when you click your own referral link or whatever you do, this will always show as the person who sponsored you.

However, when you send your referral link out to other people, this will lock them in as your referral no matter what they do after they visit. If they come back and decide to join later, you will get credit as their sponsor for this always.

We really appreciate the hard work people put in to sponsor others so we want to make sure our member's are as protected as possible.

Your referral link will convert referrals for you 10x better this way :)

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